In this short interview series, I chat with Shaun Hart to get his tips and advice on a better and more balanced life.

Learn amazing insights from one of Australia’s top footie stars.

Video 1: You’re Not a Burden!

Video 2: Shaun’s Message on Faith

We discuss how faith impacts life

Video 3: Advice to a 25-40 year old

I interview Shaun Hart about what advice he would offer to those aged 25 to 40.

Chris Skehan
Chris Skehan

Chris Skehan is a successful Australian business owner of 16 years. He captained/coached a footy team to 6 grand final wins and is the recipient of a Bravery Medal from the Qld Governor General. Chris is a helicopter pilot and adventurist, with a passion for getting the best out of life, making a dent in the universe and helping others achieve their own potential.