The (Un)Fair Advantage

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This book is about how a series of life events and their corresponding lessons, have all led to the same thing:

The importance of mentorship.


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This book is about how a series of life events and their corresponding lessons, have all led to the same thing:

The importance of mentorship.

This book takes a person who is frustrated and burnt out. Who maybe has a lack of direction and surplus funds. Who is basically – “In a Rut”, on a journey thru the 7 Spokes of a balanced approach to mentorship.

The aim is for the reader is to gain a positive trajectory towards an awesome, balanced lifestyle. The “(Un)Fair” connotation refers to the fact that something so simple, can seem “unfair” that we weren’t taught these principles when we were young.

Once you know and practice all that Chris promotes, you’ll then have a “fair” advantage over most, who are oblivious. 

Throughout this book, Chris shares stories of his own life that you will relate to on some level.

He calls on some experts to back up his findings and ideas.

And has practical checklists at the end of each chapter to show you, the reader, that a trajectory towards a 10/10 lifestyle is actually achievable and what that lifestyle means.

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5 reviews for The (Un)Fair Advantage

  1. Ian McIntosh

    You can’t read this book and not get something out of it. A mix of real life stories and lessons learned and applied make this a fantastic read. Enjoyed the book immensely.

  2. Georgia Muller

    I absolutely loved this book and everything it offers! Not only is it super applicable but speaks to every aspect of someones life, where most books only focus on one. The questions at the end of each chapter help to develop a thorough understanding of what’s been written and provokes you to think deeply and reflect on your own life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a little encouragement and push in the right direction.

  3. Dallas Foster

    Quick, easy read that I finished over a relaxing weekend. It offers an insight into ‘true’ life success that shows that success can/should be achieved in ALL areas of life, not just monetary. Chris talks & shows the importance of having a mentor to be inspired & guided by, in order to achieve your ideal of success. A simple yet profound read that will get you thinking about your life as a whole. Would recommend to anyone!

  4. Mark Couch

    OK – so I’m not much of a reader, yet knowing the author & some of the background as to where the detailed information has come from within this book I found it extremely difficult to put it down, the book itself allowed me to shift my paradigm on multiple occasions- stop/ think/ reflect & reconsider what options are available if indeed you open your mind a bit further, let outside influences in & then dissect the information for yourself & place it into your future lifestyle be it financially, business or personal space.
    All in all, a fantastic read & learning experience.

    Having now experienced a couple of seminars with the author, I would highly recommend.

  5. Michele McNaught

    This book written by Chris is an insight into the meaning of being human, the trials, tribulations, triumphs, selfless giving, personal growth and development, ah ah moments with the fireside warmth of hope and faith in his future and consequently birthing a need and a purpose to share his insights and experiences with others so they to can reconnect back with themselves and have the heart and desire to face their challenges and grow into the mindset of success in all facets of life. Chris tells us that we arent alone on this journey called life. Take heart, the world will give you back what you put in. Chris is a man of good character with a kind heart and a wonderful mind who understands the true meaning of paying forward.
    I highly recommend this book.

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