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How to navigate out of COVID 2020

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Chris Skehan

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You'll learn my strategies for coming out on top after COVID 2020 to get yourself on track for 2021

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12pm - 12.40pm Brisbane Time

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Are you in your 20’s and looking for an opportunity to get a hand up?

Are you in your 30’s and frustrated with the insecurity of your job?

Are you in your 40’s and thinking, “Crikey, what am I doing, where has that 20yrs gone?”

Are you 50 and over and simply do not have the positive outlook you were hoping for as you near retiring age?

Or any age and simply unsure of how to navigate the rest of this year and into 2021.

In this short 35 min webinar, grab some lunch or morning tea and Chris will share his amazing story about being stuck in the 2011 Flood waters and how the relevance to this and being “stuck” in any part of life, is eerily relevant to these 2020 Covid times.

You will get an overview on his “Mentorship Model” and how a Holistic approach to all areas of life can truly enhance your lifestyle… or at the very least, help you see the best way to come out of this tumultuous year.

If this is not for yourself, (Your life is amazing!) but you know somebody who would benefit, then register for this free event below and you will automatically be sent Chris’s book as a welcome gift. The Un(Fair) Advantage – How a mentor can change your life.

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